I am Roxanne

Calm inspired greetings and mantra note cards. Playful abstract designs, contemporary typography and uplifting words. Illustrated and printed in the UK on sustainable materials.

Good for the soul, better for the planet.

Mantra & Affirmation Note Cards

A mantra is a sound, word or phrase that is repeated in meditation. The repetition allows us to concentrate on our intention.Our mantra note cards are at the heart of I am Roxanne. We selected ten ‘I am’ phrases that are perfect to gift or keep for yourself.


“A mantra is a kind of magic formula that, once
uttered, can entirely change a situation. It can change us, and it can
change others. But this magic formula must be spoken in concentration,
with body and mind focused as one. What you say in this state of being
becomes a mantra.”— Thich Nhat Hanh

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Art Prints

Adorn your home and gallery walls with I am Roxanne art prints. A4 and A3 art prints that compliment each other in sets.

They come beautifully packaged so perfect to send as a gift.