Love & Friendship Cards by I Am Roxanne
February 08, 2023

Love & Friendship Cards by I Am Roxanne

When I first started I Am Roxanne I had no idea what my USP (unique selling point) would be. I had so many vision and mood boards. I was always drawn to muted colour palettes and naively thought that would be it, I'll be known for muted coloured cards. 
Like most creatives, over time our style and preferences evolve. We are forever learning, changing and growing. I am starting to shy away from those muted tones and craving pops of colour and vibrancy. I held back from doing this as I thought it would be completely off brand.
Three years later and I'm back to my vision board. Love. Inspiration. Kindness. That is my USP. Love is universal. Birthdays, anniversaries, friendship, thinking of you, good luck, congratulations, sympathies, just because - all these occasions and milestones revolve around sending that person love.
I naturally designed cards with kind words, positivity and motivation. The card below is one of our best sellers. It can be used across so many occasions.

Our 'More Than' card below is another best seller. You have never been more than you are right now.

To be honest, I didn't think this card would sell that well - but maybe the words resonate with you, it resonates with me.

So, going forward. I am Roxanne greeting cards can be muted, colourful, abstract, realistic, nature inspired or just plain typography - but they will always be love inspired.


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