Images from behind the scenes at I Am Roxanne, drawing and painting new greeting card collections

Launched in 2019 by founder and creator Roxanne, she creates empowering and mindful greeting cards, mantra note cards and art prints.

I am Roxanne is a brand committed to looking after our planet and ourselves. Our greeting cards and paper goods are designed and made with the purpose to inspire and uplift.

I am Roxanne is about celebrating who you are and striving to be authentically you. Whether you want to tell someone not to give up, or inspire someone to live their dreams or even a simple Happy Birthday - I am Roxanne has put together a soul conscious collection.

We only have one planet so we must strive to work together to protect it - read more about our commitments to our planet here.

 I Am Roxanne behind the scenes working away at designing and illustrating greeting cards for her business

I am Roxanne - that’s me! I have always had a thing for paper goods. Notebooks, greeting cards and even just scraps of different paper stock. The nerd in me loves the smell of a book and walking into a bookstore gives me all kinds of happy feelings. My first job as a teen was working in a greeting card shop. This was my dream job. I loved collecting greeting cards (this is not weird at all). I always thought it would be cool to design my own cards.

My first collection is named after my daughter Ava - muted colour palettes, arty paint strokes, abstract illustrations and words to live by.

Fast forward years later, I decided to try that thing people call “following your dreams”.